Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Taliban Ki Qaid Mein Urdu By YVONNE RIDLEY

Taliban Ki Qaid Mein Urdu By YVONNE RIDLEY

Taliban Ki Qaid Mein Urdu By YVONNE RIDLEY Pdf Free Download 

Description of طالبان کی قید میں PDF BOOKS

 ایک جاسوس عورت جس کا نام " یوآنے رڈلے" تھا جو طالبان کی جاسوسی کرنے آئی تھی پھر جب اسے طالبان نے گرفتار کیا تو طالبان کا رویہ دیکھ کر مسلمان ہو گئی اور اس نے اپنا نام "مریم" رکھ لیا  پھر طالبان نے اس کو جب رہا کر دیا تو اس نے اپنی کہانی کتابی شکل  میں شائع کی پوری کتاب بہت دلچسپ ہے ایک بار شروع کریں گے تو پھر ختم کیئے بغیر چین نہیں آئے گا ابھی
سے ڈاؤنلوڈ کریں اور پڑھیں
Yahya Khan is that the translator of the book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf. it's AN biography of Maryam sea turtle. She may be a Western journalist. Taliban arrested ridley once she was visiting Afghanistan in secret. Maryam sea turtle describes the perspective and relation of Taliban together with her
Yvonne sea turtle affected with their character and honestness of Islam and accepted Islam. Later, she told to the complete world regarding the perspective of the Taliban towards the ladies. I hope you wish the book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf and share it.
download an incredible book "In The Hands of Taliban" in Urdu language and read a motivating story of a feminine British journalist WHO visited Afghanistan throughout the rule of Taliban.
After the 9/11 a British woman Journalist Yvonne ridley operating as a reporter for "Sunday Express", disguised herself and visited Afghanistan as a spy and inactive by the Talibans and remained
in their confinement for a amount of your time and at last released by the Taliban leaders. She was terribly impressed by Islam throughout within the confinement of Taliban and regenerate to Islam when emotional from the confinement of Talibans, and wrote a book "In the Hands of Taliban" that became one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost marketing book within the western country in a little span of your time. Mohammed Yahya Khan has translated Her book "In the Hands of Taliban" into Urdu Language and named it "Taliban Ki Qaid Main" (in the confinement of Taliban Or within the hands of Taliban).


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