Friday, March 15, 2019

Sultan Muhammad Fatih History in Urdu PDF Here

Sultan Muhammad Fateh History Book in Urdu

Sultan Muhammad Fateh History Book in Urdu PDF Free Download - sarwar

 Description Of سلطان محمد فاتح ہسٹری کتاب PDF BOKS Here:

Here is Best Biography of "Sultan Muhammad Fatih" in PDF BOOKS written by "Idrees Azad". He was borned on March, 1432 ھجری. He was remarked beneath the supervision of his father, sultan Murad II, the seventh Ottoman sultan. His father prepared & trained him to shoulder the responsibilities of the position of a sultan mohammad fatih. Muhammad Al-Fatih memorized all the Quran, learnt the portentous narrations, Muslim jurisprudence, arithmetic, physical science and so the talents required for war. He in addition learnt Arabic, Persian, Latin and Greek languages. he joined His Father On His battles & conquests.
He was appointed by his father sultan Murad as a ruler of alittle state so as that he could receive wise work on administering state affairs beneath the supervision of variety of the very best students of that time. This matter influenced the character of the young patrician and tinted his temperament with Muslim morals and manners.
For eight centuries, the conquest of urban center, presently Istanbul Turkey was a dream for the Muslim commanders. Ever since the time of the revered companion, Mu`aawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyaan, there had been many tries to beat it, but none had succeeded.
Every Muslim commander needed to be the superior praised within the narration during which the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “You can conquer urban center. Its commander is that the best and its army (that can conquer it) is the best.”
Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih was the then person regarding whom the Prophet gave glad information.
This book could be a historical story of this noble General of the Muslim world that is written by Idrees Azad. Learn in Urdu language. download the book in pdf format from the subsequent link to read Online.


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